Voters In Only Two Port Vila Wards To Cast Votes In By-election

Voters In Only Two Port Vila Wards To Cast Votes In By-election

Only voters within two Wards in Port Vila will cast their votes for new councillors when the by-election is held on September 24, 2021.

These two Wards that will be going through a by-election are Freshwota/Tasiriki and Anamburu/Melcoffee.

The voters within the other three Wards of Malapoa/Tagabe Ward, Central Ward and South Ward will not take part in the by-election.

 This has been confirmed by the Electoral Office.

Port Vila City is divided into wards when it comes to election of councillors to the Municipal or City Council. That is unlike national general election when the Capital is an open constituency for the election of candidates in the Parliament.

 During a municipal election, people vote for candidates within wards that they reside in.

This means that those in Anamburu/Melcoffee Ward cannot vote for a candidate in the Freshwota/Tasiriki Ward.

When it comes to the national general election, a voter living in Anamburu can vote for any candidate of their choice that lives within that ward or in the other four wards in the Port Vila Constituency.

As reported earlier this week, the two seats in the two Wards have been left vacant after a councillor for the Anamburu Ward died earlier this year and the vacancy in the Freshwota Ward is due to another councillor being convicted and getting an imprisonment sentence last month.


Source: Daily Post


The Ni-Vanuatu legislative framework sets out for an independent electoral management body, composed of two separate but inter-related institutions: the Electoral Commission (EC), a policy-making, oversight body, and the Vanuatu Electoral Office (VEO), a corresponding executive, operational arm. 

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