FAQs for Electoral Reform

Will the new harmonised electoral legislation also include provisions to stop MPs/Councilors from continually changing affiliation from one party/group to another?

This is an important question; however, it does not belong to Electoral Reforms but rather to the Political Reform package. A Political Reform package which included the registration of political parties was presented in Parliament a few years ago but it did not pass. In other words, electoral reform is not the place for this change because electoral reform strictly deals with electoral issues. It naturally impacts elections, but it is not directly an electoral matter, and it could compromise the electoral reform legislation.

The above issue is partly dealt with in the Members of Parliament Act and it could best be addressed in the political reform package, and it could be strengthened through political party registration instead of through the electoral reform package.

Please keep in mind that electoral reform does not solve all the political issues in the country but there are other initiatives to strengthen the democratic political nature of the country.


The Ni-Vanuatu legislative framework sets out for an independent electoral management body, composed of two separate but inter-related institutions: the Electoral Commission (EC), a policy-making, oversight body, and the Vanuatu Electoral Office (VEO), a corresponding executive, operational arm. 

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