National Referendum


Following 2016 general election, a political and electoral reform process was launched by the government of Vanuatu aims at pursuing political stability, and in that context, the Political Reform Taskforce was established to review possible reform measures, in particular in relation to the political governance. According to the article 86 of the Constitution. a national referendum is required if a constitutional amendment is passed by the Parliament on the the status of Bislama, English and French, the electoral system, or the parliamentary system. 

Should the Parliament enact a constitutional amendment requiring a referendum, the first ever National Referendum will be called.  Voters will have a choice between a (green) "yes" ballot and a (red) "no" ballot.


  • Polling date: Undetermined
  • Close of voter registration: PD – six weeks (throughout the country)
  • Starting date for submitting proxy application forms:
  • Electoral campaign:
  • Closing of proxy application forms:



The Ni-Vanuatu legislative framework sets out for an independent electoral management body, composed of two separate but inter-related institutions: the Electoral Commission (EC), a policy-making, oversight body, and the Vanuatu Electoral Office (VEO), a corresponding executive, operational arm. 

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